nRF52840-DK Development Kit Arduino compatible BLE5 Mesh NFC
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The nRF52840-DK Development Kit is hardware compatible with the Arduino Uno Revision 3 standard, making it possible to use 3rd-party shields that are compatible to this standard. An NFC antenna can be connected the kit to enable NFC tag functionality. The kit gives access to all I/O and interfaces via connectors and has 4 LEDs and 4 buttons which are user-programmable.

It supports the standard Nordic Software Development Tool-chain using Segger Embedded Studio, Keil, IAR and GCC. Program/Debug options on the kit is Segger J-Link OB.


  • Bluetooth 5
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth mesh
  • Thread
  • 802.15.4
  • ANT
  • 2.4GHz proprietary


  • Supports Bluetooth 5 development on nRF52840 SoC
  • Arduino Uno shield compatible
  • ARM mbed enabled
  • All I/O and interfaces available at edge connectors
  • Segger J-Link OB Program/Debug supported
  • RF SMA connector for direct RF measurements
  • On board QSPI flash
  • NFC tag-A interface and antenna
  • Interfaces directly to Nordic


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