CP2102 USB to SERIAL Converter Micro USB
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This small Breakout Board with CP2102 is a TTL UART 6PIN Module Serial Converter. The connetion is over a Micro USB Cable.

Single-Chip USB to UART Data Transfer:

  • Integrated USB transceiver, no external resistors required
  • Integrated clock; no external crystal required
  • Integrated 1024-Byte EEPROM for vendor ID, product ID, serial number, power descriptor, release number, and product description strings
  • On-chip power-on reset circuit
  • On-chip voltage regulator: 3.3 V output
  • 100% pin and software compatible with CP2101

USB Function Controller:

  • USB Specification 2.0 compliant; full-speed (12 Mbps)
  • USB suspend states supported via SUSPEND pin

Asynchronous Serial Data BUS (UART):

  • All handshaking and modem interface signals
  • Data formats supported:
    • Data bits: 5, 6, 7, and 8
    • Stop bits: 1, 1.5, and 2
    • Parity: odd, even, mark, space, no parity
  • Baud rates: 300 bps to 1 Mbits
  • 576 Byte receive buffer; 640 byte transmit buffer
  • Hardware or X-On/X-Off handshaking supported
  • Event character suppor
  • Line break transmission


  • 21mm x 15mm


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