Raspberry Pi Relay Board
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The RPi Relay Board gives your Pi the abliity to control high voltage/high current devices, easliy makes normal home appliances become intelligent.

RPi Relay Board Features

  • Supports Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B/3B+
  • High quality relays, loads up to 250VAC/5A, 30VDC/5A
  • Photo coupling isolation, prevent interference from high voltage circuit
  • Onboard LEDs for indicating relays status
  • Relay control jumper, allows to control the relays by custom pins other than the default pins
  • Comes with development resources, including examples in wiringPi, WebioPi, shell, python, and bcm2835


  1. Raspberry Pi GPIO interface: for connecting Raspberry Pi
  2. Relay screw terminal: for connecting target devices
  3. Relays
  4. Photocoupler: PC817
  5. Relay indicator
  • LED on: relay NC is opened, NO is closed
  • LED off: relay NC is closed, NO is opened
  • Power indicator
  • Relay control jumper
    • short the jumper: control the relays by default I/Os used in the example code
    • open the jumper: control the relays by custom I/Os through jumper wires


    Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/RPi_Relay_Board

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