LED APA106 8mm - NeoPixel Compatible
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The pixel points inside the APA106 8mm LED contains a smart digital interface data latch signal shaping circuit, but also contains a high precision internal oscillator, which effectively ensures the color of the pixel point of light.

Product features

  • The LED input voltage 4.5V ~ 6.5V, built-in LDO;
  • The on-chip voltage regulator tube, power supply end series resistance to IC VDD feet, without external regulator
  • The gray level adjusting circuit (256 brightness adjustable)
  • Dual built-in RC oscillator, and according to the data signal line for clock synchronization, after receiving the data of the unit can automatically the follow-up data were shaping forwarding

  • The built-in power on reset circuit
  • The PWM control terminal can achieve the 256 level adjustment, scanning frequency of not less than 400Hz/s
  • The cascade interface serial interface, via a signal line to complete the receiving and decoding of data
  • When the refresh rate of 30 frames per second, the number of cascade low speed mode is not less than 512 points, the high-speed mode is not less than 1024 points
  • The data transmission speed of up to 800Kbps
IC Type APA106
Model no. LC-APA106-F8/F5
Input voltage DC 5V
Powe 0.3W
Grayscale 25 degree, R,G,B each channel,
Emitting color full colo RG
Lifespan =50000Hrs
Material milkl PVC cover or costomize as request
Working Temperature -40¡C~70¡C
Beam angle 110¡
Certificate CE amp; RoHS
Control system DMX console, computer controller or SD card controller

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