MP3 Sound Module Mini SD Card WTV020SD
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The Mini MP3 Sound Module is a reusable mass storage voice module, can plug a maximum capacity of 1GB SD card memory and can load the WAV and AD4 audio. The voice module uses WTV020SD-20SS as the core chip, with MP3 control mode, one to one key control mode, power on loop control mode and the two-line serial control mode.

Technical Details

  • Support plug-largest-capacity of 1G SD card
  • Automatically identify audio files
  • Can load WAV audio at 6KHz ~ 16KHz sample rate
  • Can store up to 512 Section voice
  • Support for micro-processor and key control
  • With power-down save operation data function
  • Support combination of documents playback, including the mute combination
  • Quiescent Current: 16uA (do not insert SD card)
  • Support play 4 Bit ADPCM format file
  • Can load AD4 audio at 6KHz ~ 32KHz and 36KHz sampling rate
  • 16bitDAC and PWM audio output
  • With WTV020-SD-20S, WTV020-SD-16P two module types
  • Can play any paragraph of the voice
  • Can be loaded voice without software, just need to place voice into the SD card directly
  • Operating voltage: DC2.5 ~ 3.6V


  1. MP3 control mode: play / stop, next, last, volume +, volume - and so on.
  2. Key control mode (5 voice): Support three sub-control methods as below :
    1. Key can be duplicate-triggered by pulse ;
    2. All keys are Play/Stop trigger (No single recycled) ;
    3. All keys are Play/Stop trigger (single can be recycled).
  3. Loop play mode: After powered on, no need to trigger any I / O port, directly play all the voice in SD card, with functions to record playing points while power off, from which it plays while powered on again. Two sub-control modes, 1. P04 has pulse-triggered play/pause function; 2. P05 has level-triggered play/pause function.
  4. Two-line serial control mode: controlled by MCU clock via CLK and DI data lines. Free to play voice at any address. In this mode, it has voice combination play function.
How to use MP3 module with Arduino

If you want to control the mp3 player with serial port commands with arduino, first you must put the cof.mp3 file with number 1 inside the advert1 folder. The busy pin does not tell you when the player stop, is for connecting a blinking led.

This is sample code for playing folder advert01, song 002.mp3 in Arduino.

Perhaps there is another mode of sending it, with an array... but it works

Last, if you don't know if the module is working, look to the leds.

The module has 3 Greed Leds
  1. Standby
  2. SD Ready -> Only glows if there is a valid SD Card with the cof.mp3 file inside
  3. SD Busy -> Blinks when reading from SD

Audio content updates directly to SD card on the PC. The module supports FAT file system. Support AD4 of 6KHz ~ 32KHz, 36KHz sampling rate and WAV audio of 6KHz ~ 16KHz sampling rate.

Notice : Please choose the mode you want to order and we will ship for you as you require and modules of Mp3 mode will be delivered by default if there is no special requirement.


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