Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Case Base - Smoke Gray
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Now that we have The Single Greatest Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Case Ever - we decided to make it eve better by addin colors.

Mix and match snap-on lids and bases to form your favorite combinations. Buy one bas then match different colore lids to your room or outfit. O buy all of themso that you can adjust your Pi B+'s case based on your mood, your favorite sports team, or even your aura.

With 81 unique combinations, the possibilities are fun, colorfu and (almost) endless!

This is th smoke-coloredbase. It reminds us of cold, moonless nights and Bauhaus concerts Check out our other colors from the drop down on the right!

This enclosur was designed by Mike Doell. it's made of ultra-durable, super-glossy polycarbonate, and is both good looking and tough enough to toss into your bookbag or toolbox. It has slim opening for all your cables, an easy-to-remove beveled slot for your Micro SD card slots for both your Pi Camera and upcoming Display, and a space for your GPIO cable to extend out from the Pi.

The Pi snaps into the base and the lid fits snugly onto the top. If you want to break out your Pi you can use your case without the lid and add hats to your B+ with ease.

This case works for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 only.It does not work for the Raspberry Pi Model A or B It does work with the Model A+ but there will be a bit of empty space of course, and you'll need to snake your USB cable or connector through the front holes which may not work if the cable is bulky.

No Raspberry Pi included. This is just the base of the case and no lid is included. You can find the Faceplate for the Case Base to use i with PiTFT Plus 2.8"

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