NFC Module Hat for Raspberry Pi 2
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EXPLORE-NFC is a high performance fully NFC compliant expansion board. Based on the NXP PN512 solution, EXPLORE-NFC meets compliance with Reader mode, P2P mode and Card emulation standards. The board features an integrated high performance antenna and offers a flexible SPI interface.


  • High performance full NFC compliant expansion board
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi¨
  • Based on NXP PN512, a NFC forum compliant NFC IC, with all 3 NFC modes (Reader, P2P and Card Emulation)
  • Highly integrated analog circuitry to demodulate and decode responses
  • Buffered output drivers for connecting an antenna with the minimum number of external components
  • Integrated RF Level detector
  • Integrated data mode detector
  • Supports ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE
  • Supports ISO/IEC 14443 B Read/Write modes
  • Typical operating distance in Read/Write mode up to 50 mm depending on the antenna size and tuning
  • Typical operating distance in NFCIP-1 mode up to 50 mm depending on the antenna size and tuning and power supply
  • FIFO buffer handles 64 byte send and receive
  • Flexible interrupt modes
  • Hard reset with low power function
  • Power-down mode per software
  • Reader mode supports 4 NFC tag types and NXP MIFARE proprietary commands
  • Flexible interface selection (SPI or I_C). The software currently supports SPI.
  • Integrated high performance antenna

Documents and Tutorial

NXP Explore-NFC Tutorial and Download

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