Arduino WiFi Shield mit Antenne
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The Arduino WiFi Shield connects your Arduino to the internet wirelessly. Connect it to your wireless network by following a few simple instructions to start controlling your world through the internet. As always with Arduino, every element of the platform hardware, software and documentation is freely available and open-source. This means you can learn exactly how it's made and use its design as the starting point for your own circuits.

Check out the reference page of the WiFi library to understand how the shield can easily provide an internet connection to your Arduino board.

    Technische Daten

    • Requires and Arduino board (not included)
    • Operating voltage 5V (supplied from the Arduino Board)
    • Connection via: 802.11b/g networks
    • Encryption types: WEP and WPA2 Persoanl
    • Connection with Arduino on SPI port
    • Connection with Arduino on SPI port
    • ICSP headers
    • FTDI connection for serial debugging of WiFi shield
    • Micro-USB for updating WiFi shield firmware

    The WiFi Shield communicates with Arduino using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header), so is compatible with any of the boards that have this type of bus.

    This version of WiFi shield have an integrated antenna on the PCB, what you have to do is just connect the shield to the Arduino.

    If you want to give a closer look to this board we advice you to visit the official Arduino WiFi Shield page in the Hardware Section.

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