A7105 2.4G Wireless Transceiver with Serial Connection
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The XL7105-D01 is based on Taiwan AMIC A7105 2.4G wireless transceiver IC design of a high-performance 2.4G wireless transceiver module, GFSK modulation, working in the 2400-2483M international general ISM band, the highest modulation rates up to 500KBPS. Based on the SPI interface, as little as four IO ports can be very convenient connection to a variety of MCU.Module Size 23 * 12.5mm, 2.54mm pitch double pin interface, use the built-in PCB antenna design, send and receive 10 bytes of the amount of data to test the farthest distance of about 70 meters, open to 250K rate.


  • Operating frequency 2400-2483M Universal ISM regulations in line with international
  • FSK / GSK modulation
  • With a 16-bit CRC and FEC error correction.
  • Built-in codec Manchester
  • The transceivers independent 64-byte FIFO
  • High sensitivity-98dBm @ 250kBPs
  • Low-power sleep current 1uA
  • This module need 3.3 V operation voltage
  • This is the price for only one piece.

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